long + longer

i think it's such a great item for winter, i'm still searching for more of them (red,blue...colours!). 


Julia 'So Thankful' said...

I like the pop of color with the help of the blue items :)

Michelle said...

cool outfit!

Nana said...

i really love the hat!
so stylish^^

Marla Singer said...

i love this monochrome outfit! you look so tall <3

HEK said...

You look seriously amazing:)
Very nice pictures too!

Friend in Fashion said...

Lovely - you have the perfect figure to pull this off! :)

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myrrh goldframe said...

Pretty in black! always love what you put on your daily outfit, Anna Bu! <33333 . Divine Poses!

C said...

i like this. looks cozy and all.


Eva Madrid said...

i love the contrast with the blue!


Gisela said...

Effortless darlin'! Are those creepers? Love the look!! btw, would love for you to enter our contest to win a Versace scarf! It's a colorful piece and can be right up your alley :-)

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

really great outfit. i personally love long black garments like such. i'm short and it works for me.

lara said...

Love the look,amazing!!!

All Women Stalker said...

That is a wonderful background for these photos. Is that a gate of some sort?


dy of ghost said...

this look is really really cute! i love it!

nattjane. said...

the turtle neck + long skirt is soo fab.
works so well.
i was so close to snatching one similar at Zara but went for something else instead..
its like the mary kate inspired 'bring back' of long skirts.

Emmy said...

I love this! Really cool!


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